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A group of 30 pilgrims set off from Montreal on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land from November 5 to November 17, 2012. At Zurich airport, while we waited for our flight to Tel-Aviv, Fr. Francis McKee led us in a short Morning Prayer and praise and worship with his guitar. How it must have pleased the heart of God to see His faithful openly dedicating their day to Him.

Our pilgrimage consisted of four nights in Nazareth and six nights in Jerusalem and from each of these focal points, we covered a good part of the country and its sacred sites. From Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus, to Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, we went up and down the country where Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the apostles lived. One of the highlights of our pilgrimage was being able to celebrate daily Eucharist in special churches. From the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth to the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem, we were able to lay on each of these altars the petitions that we were carrying with us. Since we were in a hotel in Old Jerusalem, very close to the Holy Sepulchre Church, we were able to visit, pray and celebrate Eucharist at this holy site often. The faith of the Christians who come from all over the world is indeed impressive to watch.

I must say that we were particularly blessed to have a guide like Thea, who has lived in the Holy Land for over twenty years and has a phenomenal grasp of the history of the land and a love for its people, all of which enhanced our understanding and love for the Holy Land. Our bus driver on the pilgrimage was Perro, who made difficult driving a fine art and was always in good humour. Fr. Francis, thank you for the joy and humour you brought to our group. Thank you Spiritours and my fellow pilgrims, what an awesome group you were!!

I am already looking forward to my next visit to the Holy land and possibly leading a group there in the near future.

Deacon Brian Cordeiro

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Holy Land with Robert LebelRobert Lebel

The pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Robert Lebel, author priest-songwriter was a great success! The forty pilgrims who took part in the trip were delighted! This tour was organized in collaboration with Salt & Light Television and a portion of the proceeds helped support the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on telling stories of hope and inspiration that bring people closer to Christ.
There will be another pilgrimage to Poland this time with Robert Lebel in collaboration with Salt and Light Television in September 2015.


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September 26, 2012

Hélène Ruel, La Nouvelle Union

Never did Father Gérard Marier think that he would ever claim to be so “proud” of himself. And for good reason! At 82 years old, he just arrived… still as upright, from a long 300 kilometre walk on the rocky road of Compostela. “In my life, I’ve learned a great deal from books. I did not think you could learn as much from walking, from the movement that is so simple and repetitive of your feet!” he said.

On August 31st, he left with a group from Spiritours, he walked for three weeks, at a rate of at least twenty kilometres per day, from Burgos in Spain up to the Cathedral of Santiago.

On the last day of his pilgrimage, on September 19th, at the end of a long 6 hour walk, Father Marier said that he cried in front of the Cathedral. So overwhelmed by gratitude was he.

“I’ve accomplished something by the grace of God”, he said. Throughout the hike, Father  Marier, sometimes apart from the group, prayed to God. Asking Him for the spirit, strength, and energy needed to walk up and down or move forward on the plains of the rocky road.

“I’ve used a large amount of energy on God’s credit card”, stated Father Marier.

We can expect him to, as we know him, devote himself to writing about the story of this pilgrimage, so much was he overcome. “I feel like, in September, I switched over from fall to summer. As if all my inner landscape had changed.”

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L’ Église que nous formons en a traversé des crises de foi depuis ses 2000 ans d’existence! Et il semble qu’à tous les 500 ans, il en arrive une majeure : à la chute de l’Empire romain, après l’An mille, à la Renaissance… et maintenant! C’était de grands bouleversements dans les sociétés et cela s’est accompagné d’indifférence religieuse, comme si on n’avait plus besoin de Dieu, comme si la foi théologale n’était plus importante. On mettait tout au rencart. Mais lorsque venait le temps favorable, lorsque les mentalités étaient prêtes et qu’on voyait bien que ça ne pouvait plus continuer, l’Esprit Saint a soufflé et il y a eu des personnes qui se sont levées pour ramener le coeur des hommes à la foi en Dieu et à la vie de l’Évangile: les moines aux VIe et VIIe siècles; les Ordres mendiants aux XIIe et XIIIe siècles; les communautés religieuses aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles… Tous ces grands mouvements d’évangélisation qui montrent bien que le monde change, mais que Dieu veille et que lorsque les champs sont prêts, Il peut enfin semer sa Parole avec abondance, et tout recommence.

Nous sommes parvenus à un autre cycle de 500 ans…

12 novembre 2012 - Publié par Anne Godbout

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