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August 28 2014

Dear Friends,

The unlimited ceasefire reached this week has hopefully brought the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas to a close. It has been a sad and distressing time, but Israel has a long history of bouncing back to complete normalcy with lightning speed. On September 1, more than a million Israeli children of all faiths will be returning to school after the summer break, and life moves on.
Even at the height of the conflict during the last 50 days, there were some 100,000 tourists in Israel whose travel plans remained largely unchanged.

Also during those 50 days, Ben Gurion International Airport – considered by experts to be the most secure in the world – was fully operational, despite a 36-hour period in late July when some overseas airlines briefly paused its Tel Aviv flights. All is back to normal now – with some 90 airlines operating their usual schedules to Israel, including as many as 10 flights daily nonstop from North America on Air Canada, Delta, EL AL, United and US Airways. Fall doesn’t come to Israel until November so the vacation season in Israel continues in full swing. Tourism sites, museums, holy places, attractions, hotels, restaurants, theaters, concerts halls and night spots are open and operating as usual.

Of course we understand that there has been considerable concern and some cancellation of future tours. The directors of the Israel Government Tourism Offices will be happy to assist you in reassuring your clients about the safety and viability of all aspects of tourism to Israel.

About a month from now, Israelis and Jews everywhere will be celebrating a new year – 5,775 in the Hebrew calendar. May it be a new year of peace, calm and joy for us all.


Oren Drori

Senior Deputy Director General & Head of the Marketing Administration
Tel: 02-666-4200
5 Bank of Israel Street P.O. Box 1018 Jerusalem 91009

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